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Nov. 2023Proper Use and Enforcement of Evaluation Reports, Product Approvals, and Listings Brian Miller (ICC-ES), Kelly Nicolello (UL)
Sept. 2023 2021 IBC & IFC Fire Protection Systems Patrick Vandergriff, ICC
May 2023 

An AHJ’s Perspective on Stationary Lithium Ion Battery Energy
Storage Systems

Scott Stookey, Austin Fire Department
Mar. 2023ERRCA Systems and Intelligibility
David Garnaat, Seimens
Jan. 2023 Mission Critical Data Centers: Fire and Life Safety ConsiderationsRobert Kranz, Meta Platforms
Dec. 2022Water Supply Modeling for Fire Protection

Tracey Lehmann, SA Water System

Roland ASP, NFSA

Carl Wren, Georgetown Fire Department

Oct. 2022The International Existing Building Code-2021 IEBC EssentialsTim Ryan, City of Overland Park
Sept. 2022Codes that Safeguard Construction - Fire safety regulations for construction sitesRaymond O'Brocki, CBO
American Wood Council.
May 2022 Central Texas AHJ Forum

Ben Flick, City of Austin

Amin Tohmaz, City of San Antonio

Gib Watt, Hays County

Kelley Stalder, SFMO

David Boudreaux, Bexar County

Carl Wren, Georgetown Fire Deptartment

Mar. 2022 NFPA 770 and Vortex Fire Suppression Systems Bob Ballard, Victaulic

Jan. 2022

Tall Wood Buildings - New Updates to the International Building Code Raymond O'Brocki, CBO
American Wood Council
Nov. 2021 Storage of Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion Batteries

Robert Davidson, Davidson Code Concepts.

Sept. 2021 Winter Freeze: Lessons Learned from Historic Texas Freeze

Robert Waxler, Waxler Fire Protection Eng.

Andre Garabedian, Garabedian Associates

Rey Garza, CoSA

Steve Rians, American Fire Protection Group

Jeff Dunkel, NFSA

May 2021 Performance Based Design: Is the U.S. Ready?

Thomas R. May, Attorney
Michael Crowley, FPE

Mar. 2021 2021 IFC Significant Changes Update Kevin Scott, KH Scott & Associates
Feb. 2021 2021 IBC Significant Changes Update Kevin Scott, KH Scott & Associates
Nov. 2020

Is the Code Right? The Impact of Scaled Testing vs. Prescriptive Code and Standard Requirements

Greg Gordon, JCI
Sept. 2020 Remote Inspections

Terry Victor, JCI
Karl Fippinger, ICC
Amin Tohmaz, COSA
Vicky Pridgen, COA

Aug. 2020 Combustible Dust Safety Marc T. Hodapp, Consultant
June 2020 Licensing and Certification of Fire Sprinkler Contractors in Texas

Chip Hollis, NICET
Ernest McCloud, TX SFMO
Holly Garvey, NFSA

May 2020 Fire Safety in the Use of Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Mac Sheldon

Jan. 2020

Design and Drawing Preparation Responsibilities for Engineers vs. Contractors and Technicians Kevin Hall, NFSA 
Paul Mitchell, TFAA
Michael Sims, TBPE
Kelley Stalder, TX SFMO

Nov. 2019

Fire Hazards of Energy Storage Systems Howard Hopper, UL

Sept. 2019

Fire & Smoke Separations and Opening Protection Jay Woodward, ICC
June 2019 Video Imaging for Flame and Smoke Detection Rick Jeffress, Fike
Mar.2019 Solving Industry Challenges with Innovative Technologies - See a Need, Fill a Need Mark Fessenden, JCI
Jan. 2019 ITM Reporting - Technology, Benefits and Challenges Panel discussion
Nov. 2018 In-Building Public Safety Radio Communication Systems Alan Perdue, Safer Buildings Coalition

Sept. 2018

AHJ Roundtable Forum Multiple AHJs
May 2018

Tall Wood Buildings - Is this the Future?

Sam Francis, AWC
Mar. 2018

"If you do not have enough fire inspector staff...this presentation is for you," AND

New tax law provides financial incentives for fire sprinkler retrofits - A new tool in the AHJ's and sprinkler contractor's toolbox

Chris Connealy, TX SFM
Cindy Giedraitis, NFSA

Jan. 2018

Understanding Commissioning & Integrated System Testing - Primer on NFPA 3 and NFPA 4

Matt Klaus, NFPA
Nov. 2017 The Grenfell Tower Disaster: Could it Happen Here? Marc Janssens, SwRI
Sept. 2017

Ensuring Code Compliance of Fire Rated Duct Installations

Joseph Hauf
May 2017

High-piled Combustible Storage - Design & Inspection of Fire Protection Features

Elley Klausbruckner, Klausbruckner Associates
Mar. 2017

Navigating the Relationship of NFPA 30 and NFPA 13: Sprinklers for Flammable and Combustible Liquids

Robert Upson, NFSA
Feb. 2017 Special Educational Symposium: Smoke Control, Prefabricated Fire Systems, Surge Protection and Project Closeout

Michael Ventola
Joseph Cervantes
Kristian White, rep. Space Age Elect.

Jan. 2017
Updates to the 2016 Editions of NFPA 13 and NFPA 72 Matt Klaus, NFPA
Richard Roux, NFPA
Nov. 2016 Firestop Selection, Installation and Inspection

Juan Flores, Intertek
Drew Zoromsky, Hilti

Sept. 2016 IBC/IFC Compartmentation Requirements – Designing and Enforcing Fire and Smoke Separations and Opening Protection David Dodge, McKeon Door Co.
May 2016 Introduction to UL's ProductSpec Database - Fire Resistive Assemblies and Design Substitutions Kelly Nicolello, UL
Mar. 2016 Assessing, Minimizing and Allocating Firesafety Liability Risks in the Modern Era Patrick Gaas, Coats-Rose Law Firm
Jan. 2016 Fire Safety in Tall Buildings & Performance-based Design Solutions (plus Fire Protection Engineering P.E. exam question writing session)
Chris Jenewicz, SFPE
Nov. 2015 Regulating Laboratories - A Challenge for Designers and Enforcers Joshua Lambert, UT Austin
William Burrus, AON
Sept. 2015 Presentation on Performance Design at Nuclear Facilities, and Tour/ Multi-story Fire Test Apparatus Demonstration at Southwest Research Institute
Mark Janssens, SwRI
May 2015 Authority Having Jurisdiction Panel Discussion on Code Adoptions & Licensing -
Process, Policies & Implementation
(no handout)

Multiple AHJs

Mar. 2015 Fire Protection and Life Safety Requirements for Elevator Systems Andre Garabedian, Garabedian Associates
Jan. 2015 The Best Seminar on Fire Alarm Systems and UL Certification Art Black, Carmel Fire Protection
Tom Presnak, UL
Nov. 2014 Nitrogen Inerting to Control Corrosion in Fire Sprinkler Systems - Theory & Practice

Lucas Kirn, Engineered Corrosion  Solutions

Sept. 2014 Significant Changes to the 2015 International Building and Fire Codes Kevin Scott, KH Scott & Associates
May 2014 Leading Edge Fire-Protection Research at UL Kerry Bell, UL
Mar. 2014 Fire Modeling for Smoke Control Design - Roles of the AEC Team Members in Smoke Control Design Tom Izbicki, Jensen Hughes
Gilead R. Ziemba, Fire Prot. Consulting Group
Jan. 2014 Understanding and Applying NFPA 25 Jason Webb, NFSA

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